Handling Equipment - Conveyor systems

Conveyor system

Conveyor systems are needed to move billets and logs from the magazine to the extrusion press quickly, reliably and without surface damage. As conditions differ in every extrusion press facility, the logistics need to be adapted to the local situation.

To this end, OTTO JUNKER can draw upon many standardized designs based on a modular system of building blocks. 

Roller conveyors

  • for lengthwise (forward/backward) travel

V-trough handling system

  • for crosswise travel
  • supports any number of horizontal stop positions
  • static or swing-type V-trough
  • with single trough, dual trough 

Gripper handling system

  • for crosswise and lengthwise travel
  • supports any number of stop positions
  • circumferential or head-on gripping action
  • with single gripper, dual gripper or two individual grippers
  • static or swing-type grippers

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